Benefits of the KronoVisor dash cam app

Benefits of dash cams you may not have considered

There are many benefits of dash cams.  The driving force behind our launch of KronoVisor is our aspiration to make our roads a safer place and we believe we can help this dream become a reality.

However, there are other benefits of dash cams besides safety and they’re not always the reasons you may have already considered.  Check out these three top alternative reasons for having dash cam technology at your disposal.

Educating L-plate drivers

One of the most daunting things in the world can be learning to drive and any help or advice is very often welcomed!

So, if you’re helping to teach a friend or family member to drive, being able to watch back footage of certain manoeuvres can help learners see where they’re going wrong or also what they are doing well to give them that confidence boost.

From three-point turns to reverse parking, having another perspective can be very handy when it comes to highlighting repeated mistakes.

Keeping a close eye on young drivers

If you have a young driver insured on the family car, it could be handy to keep an eye on their motoring skills.

When we’re young we can make poor decisions or mistakes, and this is no different when it comes to new drivers, when they initially get behind the wheel after passing their driving test. Keeping an eye on them will not only help your peace of mind but will also allow you to pass on some words of wisdom.

Are they using a bus lane as a short cut, are they hanging around the local supermarket car park, or showing off by driving recklessly in front of their friends?  Ease those anxieties by reviewing dash cam footage to ensure they’re safe whilst behind the wheel.

Capturing unexpected moments forever

If you encounter the unexpected while driving, stopping the car to capture the footage on camera isn’t always an option and will probably too late anyway.  But when something incredible happens, that’s exactly what you want to do. One of our favourite benefits of having a dash cam is these moments are automatically captured, so whether it’s a spectacular shooting star or a wild boar wandering across the way, you will be glad to have the moment recorded thanks to your dash cam.


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