KronoVisor from Inar Group


KronoVisor is a free, full-feature dashcam app.  It is also linked to a ‘time machine’ portal that enables the user to view what happened in any public road in the world at a specific moment in time.

The app enables automatic sharing of your recordings with your team and the community in virtual real time, with solicited videos uploaded to This portal is not only intended to become a useful tool for managing your recordings, but also a public service to improve safety and contribute to crime prevention.

The app is free to use and accounts can be free or premium depending on the subscription options (paid subscriptions to be rolled out later in 2019).

KronoVisor Android App Main Features:

  • Easy to use. Simply install and open to start enjoying all the basic features
  • Geo-referenced video recording and playing on the map
  • Continuous video recording with optimised length and compression for cloud services (one minute mp4 files with minimal gaps)
  • User-defined storage options, including external memory card and maximum capacity settings
  • Front or rear camera selection
  • GPS position log recording locally and into the cloud. Position logs sent every 10 minutes or when internet connection availability
  • Automatic retention and upload of videos upon shock or the pressing of panic button (requires user account and internet connection)
  • User request to retain videos by simple touch of a button. One touch of panic/retain button automatically saves two minutes before and after the touch. If the button is pressed repeatedly, KronoVisor will continue extend the retain future time, doubling the previous time up to a limit of eight hours (2, 10, 30, 60, 120, 240, and 480 minutes)
  • Automatic upload of community requested videos
  • Possibility to play and retain temporary videos after recording Website Portal Main Features:

  • Powerful interface to explore the media captured by all global users of the KronoVisor app via a world map
  • Simple interface to upload/download videos from yours and other community devices
  • Video playing on the map
  • Privacy: aAutomatic number plate and face blurring of videos shared with the community


Link your devices to your account to facilitate tracking and monitoring, and to see your videos without the blurring of faces and number plates.

Download KronoVisor from the Google Play Store

KronoVisor is available to download free - click here.