Inar Sustainable Engineering

Inar Sustainable Engineering

Inar was founded in 1998 by five like-minded young entrepreneurs working in electrical engineering and software development.

Based in Argentina, it was the first company in the country to offer software development services offshore and built a solid reputation through its consultancy works in electrical engineering. Alongside this, Inar offered a range of supporting services and technological solutions to important companies in Argentina and abroad. These included Energía San Juan, INVAP, Nexant (USA) and Brofind (Italy) among others.

Inar has focused on electrical engineering and renewable energies since 2009, conducting studies for the installations of wind turbines at high altitudes (Barrick-Veladero) and actively participating in the photovoltaic project of Cañada Honda – the largest installation of its kind.

Inar Group Ltd represents Inar Sustainable Engineering internationally.

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