Fleet management and the role of the dash cam

Fleet management and the role of the dash cam

The combination of digital technology and fleet management – in the traditional sense – may seem as strange double act as chili and chocolate.  But technology is increasingly playing a huge in driving efficiencies in the transport & logistics, bus & coach and van industries, and for companies with a fleet of vehicles the introduction of dash cams is fast becoming not so much a luxury but a necessity.

Live streaming seems an odd fit given the solitude and independence of those who drive for a living, putting a potential Big Brother on the dash, but any misgivings pale into insignificance when put up against the benefits of having a dash cam in the vehicle.

Why should employers equip their fleet with dash cams?  The reasons are numerous, but here are our top three arguments for focusing firmly on a trustworthy dash cam solution, such as KronoVisor.

Focusing on the road

The presence of an on-board dash cam makes drivers pay more attention to their driving.  While paying due care and attention to the road and your surroundings is of paramount importance regardless, concentration inevitably sharpens when you know your driving is being monitored!  Fleet managers can even promote safe driving habits across their workforce by rewarding those safe drivers.

On the other hand, for every ten good employees it’s inevitable to find one less than good. Dash cam footage can give valuable insight when a complaint is received about a vehicle being driven irresponsibly or if unacceptable driving habits are suspected.

An incident or an accident

There have been many times an insurance claim is held up because investigators are trying to figure out the truth about the incident triggering it. Dash cam footage can help the truth come to the fore, speeding up the time it takes to settle a claim, and helping to deter insurance fraud in the process.  It also means it’s likely to be quicker to get the damaged vehicle back on the road following repair.

Always on track

It might sound obvious, however having a single reliable dash cam solution fitted across all your fleet will facilitate the tracking of all vehicles, employees, and products being transported.

If you have a team of engineers visiting customer sites for service calls, the customer will be expecting them at specific time.  Drivers can always call the office to advise of heavy traffic and tailbacks, but with solutions like KronoVisor they can upload footage to a central cloud-based platform in virtual real-time at the touch of a button.  This lets them back up their call with video evidence which can then be shared with the customer so their expectations can be properly managed.

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