7 reasons you need a dash cam

7 reasons you need a dash cam in your life

Dash cams – short for dashboard cameras – are growing in popularity in the UK. In fact, according to a poll conducted by the AA in 2017, dash cam ownership among British motorists exploded from 1% to 15% over the previous four years. Do you need one? There are numerous benefits, as we discuss below.

Insurance claims

Back in the days before digital photography, many of us kept a disposable camera in the glove box or boot of our cars; just in case we were involved in an accident and needed to document the damage for an insurance claim.

These days things have moved forward in leaps and bounds. Gone are the disposable cameras in the glove box with drivers preferring windscreen-mounted dash cams capable of recording video and documenting the moments immediately before accidents occur.

The advantages are clear. Whether you’re cut up on the motorway, shunted in traffic or bumped into in a car park, having a record of the event is importance for insurance purposes and the best way to prove fault in a dispute. Not only that – providing dash cam footage can speed up your claim!

Fraud avoidance

Similar to what we’ve discussed on insurance claims, dash cams can help protect you from fraudsters who intentionally create car crashes with the intention of profiting from fraudulent insurance claims. The increase in ‘crash for cash’ attempts over the last decade means drivers need to be even more vigilant on the roads, and having a dash cam can go a long with to catching such fraudsters in the act.

Reporting reckless drivers

We’ve all experienced them at one time or another. Reckless drivers are a danger to themselves, other road users and pedestrians alike. Having a dash cam enables you to capture footage of such driving and report it to law enforcement.

Crime prevention

Having a dash cam on display in your parked vehicle can act as a deterrent to thieves and vandals. Dash cams often start recording in response to shock or vibration too, so if you are unfortunate enough to have your vehicle broken into or bumped into by another vehicle, there’s a good chance you’ll have the footage to submit to law enforcement to aid them with their investigations and bring the perpretrator(s) to justice.

Record your road trip

Remember the days when a driving a pleasure was still a thing, before roadworks exploded everywhere and it was still possible to drive at 70mph on the UK motorways for more than five miles at a time? Contrary to what you might think, there remains many very pleasurable car journeys to be had in the UK and further afield. Why not record your journey and revisit that wonderful scenery you didn’t get a chance to fully enjoy due to keeping your eyes on the road?

Peace of mind

Has your son or daughter recently passed their test? Are you worried about how responsibly they’ll drive your car when they borrow it? Reassure yourself (or not!) by reviewing footage captured by your dash cam!

Improved fleet management

Maybe your company has a fleet of drivers who visit several customer sites each day. Perhaps one of your drivers is persistently late to their appointment, blaming heavy traffic. With a dash cam, you can easily check the validity of the excuses being served up – helpful when managing customer expectations or improving employee behaviour.

It’s never been simpler!

Chances are, you’ve already got a dash cam in your pocket without even realising it. If you own a smartphone, you can use it as a dash cam in a matter of seconds – just download the KronoVisor app for FREE and you’re good to go! Use a windscreen mount and you can enjoy all the benefits above in a matter of moments. The cost of dash cams is coming down, but why spend anything when you can get the same capability for free?

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